The End of Dementia Starts With You

As a leading corporation, you're uniquely positioned to advance the Alzheimer's movement in significant ways. It's likely that many members of your corporate community — your employees, customers and key stakeholders — are already connected to the disease. But are they finding the help they need? Are they engaged with the Alzheimer's cause and empowered to take action?

Together we can:

  • Offer support and resources

  • Educate individuals to recognize the signs of dementia

  • Raise funds to support our mission

  • Put a stop to the nation's 7th leading cause of death

Our mission:

  • To reduce the impact of dementia in New Jersey and to engage communities to build supportive, capable, and dementia-friendly environments.

  • To support, educate, screen, and advocate for families living and struggling with dementia.

  • By partnering with Act Now Foundation, your company can stand with a leader in New Jersey in Alzheimer's care and support as we confront a crisis that devastates millions of families.

Please download the Sponsorship Contract and follow the instructions if you would like to sponsor Act Now Foundation: