Alzheimer's Early Detection Project

This project is a prevention and treatment program.  We are promoting awareness, knowledge and empowerment, so that people can get the care they need to fight Alzheimer’s disease.
This project consists of 2 parts: a memory screening and a counseling session.

Early Diagnosis

Memory screenings may aid in the early diagnosis of memory loss or other medical issues.


Alzheimer’s medicines are most effective when taken early in the disease.

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Memory Screenings

Memory Screenings are non-invasive question and answer assessments.

One of a Kind

The Alzheimer's Early Detection Project is a unique, free service for the community in Hudson and Bergen counties.

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Early detection of Alzheimer's is KEY to developing a more knowledgeable caregiver and also in providing a higher quality of life for the patient.

Project Details

The Alzheimer’s Early Detection Project is an opportunity to provide free memory screenings to an under-served community in order to give them a fighting chance against Alzheimer’s disease. The screening is non-invasive, consists of a series of questions and tasks and interviews with the patient and their caregiver. Memory screenings are used as a first step indicator of whether a person might benefit from an extensive medical exam with a health care professional. Follow-up during an annual doctor’s visits, is highly recommended to ensure best monitoring of memory and health concerns.

The screening takes from 1-2 hours per person and requires a survey, an intake interview, and a follow-up interview with the patient. The patient and their caregivers will be eligible to receive one or two follow-up consulting sessions if needed. As part of the screening process, participants and their caregivers may be advised to follow up with Educational workshops, Memory Clubs, or the Alzheimer's Care Project  in order to better understand and cope with their new diagnosis.

How to Schedule Your Screening

Individuals requesting a screening will be asked to visit us at the Alzheimer's Resource Center of NJ at 830 Bergen Ave, Ste 8A., Jersey CIty, NJ 07306. In special circumstances, where mobility is an issue, home visits can be arranged. If you are hoping to coordinate a Memory Screening event, The Alzheimer's Early Detection Project can be hosted at a community center, public housing facility, place of worship, nursing center, or daycare facility, health fair or other venue.


Please contact us at 201-721-6721 to discuss your options in individual screening or to book a Memory Screening event.