The program aims to put those at high risk of developing Alzheimer’s or related disorders on the right track to establishing guidelines, protocols, and plans for their future care.


ACP has two main components including:

  1. A Step by Step Guide from Diagnosis to End of Life

  2. Long Term Care Planning Sessions.

What You Need to Know...

When individuals receive a physician’s devastating Alzheimer’s diagnosis they are often overwhelmed by the harsh realities that lie ahead. Family members are unprepared to become full time caregivers and have never considered the possible emotional or financial implications. Commonly, family members have feelings of denial, fear and grief when faced with the diagnosis. It can seem impossible to come to terms with the diagnosis. Without proper support often caregivers are lost as to how to cope, maneuver and live with the disease. It is common for questions, doubts, and feelings of anxiety or depression to arise. Alzheimer’s disease is progressive and terminal, therefore coping with it requires foresight and careful planning for the difficult years ahead.

Program Details...

The Alzheimer’s Care Project (ACP) will address questions and concerns of families overwhelmed by Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders in order to help alleviate the burden and increase quality of life. This includes: A Step by Step Guide from Diagnosis to End of Life is a manual coupled with Long Term Care Planning Sessions for managing an Alzheimer’s or related disorder diagnosis.

The goal of the ACP is to give participants, who would not typically have the means or knowledge, access to a step-by-step guide and care planning session that will allow them to make their own medical and end of life decisions before it is too late. This program will fill an existing service gap for individuals facing an Alzheimer’s or related disorder diagnosis.

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