Advocacy and Outreach

Act Now Foundation is extremely involved in the community and has been providing education and support services for seniors of low-income communities in New Jersey for the last four years. As a grass-roots organization, the Foundation has collaborated with local Departments of Health & Human Services, Hospitals, Senior Centers, Housing Authority and Adult Day-Care Facilities in order to provide educational workshops, support groups to low-income elderly, and community outreach. The Foundation’s programs are developed as a comprehensive, community based service with a special emphasis on older individuals with the greatest economic or social need, and particularly for low-income minorities.


All pillars of our mission revolve around ensuring that New Jersey becomes dementia-capable, or capable of dealing with the Alzheimer’s epidemic.


Act Now Foundation co-wrote two laws on Alzheimer's disease in the State of NJ.

The new law mandates that Alzheimer's disease be listed as a cause of death on death certificates (when applicable), which ensures an accurate count of those loved ones who pass away from Alzheimer's disease;  because numbers matter.


The second law increases the scope of training for New Jersey's Home Health Care Aides; ensuring that they are properly trained to take care of loved ones afflicted with Alzheimer's or related dementias.



We aim to:

  • Increase public awareness, knowledge, and involvement

  • Identify Alzheimer’s and related dementia's earlier

  • Enhance care and resource accessibility

  • Effectively treat the disease and lengthen quality of life

Act Now Foundation is available for guest speaking, health fairs, community events, fundraisers, walk-a-thons, and general outreach.


We encourage you to learn more about the various opportunities for community engagement. Please call 201-721-6721.